About Me

DSC00718Using clay, minerals, wood ash, water and fire,
I make pieces to grace your table and
feed your soul

After many years working as an engineer in Los Angeles, I’d finally had enough of big cities and moved to western North Carolina. I’ve always been creative but in North Carolina, I discovered clay. Ever since, I’ve spent much of my time at the wheel, learning, improving and creating.

I studied pottery making in the Heritage Arts program at Southwestern Community College in Bryson City, NC. I completed the Master Potter Certificate in 2014 and teach there now  even as I continue to refine both the shapes of the pieces I make and the designs I use.

As a potter, I like to make functional work that is also attractive. I tell people that I don’t like to dust so I don’t make anything that has to be dusted. My pottery is intended for everyday use and can be put in the oven, dishwasher and microwave. At the same time, it is work of art, incorporating color and inspired by nature. It’s an interesting challenge to present a complete picture with only outlines. Some of the designs are negatives, that is, everything in the background is carved away. This requires more thought to ensure the design itself is not removed.

Contact me at susanncoe@gmail.com.


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