Ash Blue Pottery

I have two lines of pottery. Each piece is wheel thrown or hand built individually then glazed. Ash blue work is blue with flecks of brown. Sgraffito and mishima pieces are shown here.

Ash blue pottery uses real ashes on a blue glaze to create a variegated blue surface. No two pieces will ever be exactly alike since the ashes interact a little differently each time. However, everything is similar enough to create a set.

Ash blue pottery is available as dinnerware–mugs, bowls, dinner plates, salad plates, and bread plates–as well as a variety of service pieces, teapot sets, yarn bowls, and vases.

Service pieces include quiche dishes, pie plates, platters, casseroles, pitchers, serving bowls in a variety of sizes, and flat sushi-style plates.

Everything is functional, that is to say, it’s microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.


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