Sgraffito and Mishima

Each piece is wheel thrown or hand built individually then glazed. The sgraffito and mishima designs shown here are “scratched” in then fired, glazed with a clear glaze and fired again.




Most designs are available in mugs, bowls, and side plates. Selected designs are also available as dinner plates, teapots, serving bowls and platters, trays, pitchers, covered jars, and serving pieces. Contact me for special orders.

Design inspirations include flowers and ferns in my garden, the trees along the road, Japanese coasters and kimono stencils and a birthday napkin.

Everything is functional, that is to say, it’s microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. Most designs are available in a mug, bowl and side plate. Many are also available as larger bowls, teapot sets, jars, pitchers, casseroles, vases, trays, cookie jars and yarn bowls.

What are Sgraffito and Mishima?

Sgraffito is a decorative technique in which a layer of color is applied to a leather-hard (unfired) piece of pottery and then the design carved out. In these pieces, everything white has been carved out with a small knife and loop tool. Mishima is the opposite: a design is scratched into the leather-hard piece and then the lines are filled with color. Additional color is added to finish the piece.


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  1. Love this pitcher too. Please provide me with measurements, color of background glaze at the top of the pitcher, and price. Thanks so much, in advance, for your attention to these questions!

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